My name is Myriam Rigaud, a nomad since 2007. Born in France from a German mother and a French father, I spent most of my time traveling between these two countries. After my first studies, I traveled to Australia for a year. Life then brought me to Ireland for a few months and finally to Canada where I stayed 8 years. I studied there interior design and cabinetmaking. Since 2016 I worked freelance for projects in interior design in Montreal. I now offer services for interior designers who have a project abroad to offer them the knowledge necessary to carry out their contracts.

Check my current location to verify if I'm near by your futur project.



Current location: Auckland, NewZealand

-> 2018/2019 avalaibility: Oceania (booked from 11/2018 to 03/2019)

-> 2019/2020 avalaibility: South East Asia 

-> 2020/2021 avalaibility: TBD