Myriam Rigaud in Montréal, QC on Houzz


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I now offer e-design services to accomodate clients who would like my servies while I am abroad. This is a great option for clients looking for guidance but prefer to handle the final purchases and transport themselves. 


  • Online consultation: We discuss your project, style and how you would like to work with me via Skype or Google Hangouts
  • Mood board : I create a personalized Pinterest board, (you can add things too if you find something you like)
  • Floor plan: I will draw a floor plan (.pdf ) of your room so you easily know what goes where
  • Shopping list : Everything you need to buy ( with instructions for certain items when necessary )
  • POV perspective: A final look at your room from 2D point of view (.pdf file) 
  • Recommandations on managing colours, windows, accessories and lightning.

Price range varies depending on the size of your room, budget and your specific needs. Packages begin at 750$ CAD to 1500$ CAD per room.

In hiring an e-designer you will play a big role during the project like taking measurements  and providing photos of the rooms . I will be avalaible online whenever you need and we will keep in touch via web.

Have a project in mind ? Get in touch to discuss it and make it happen!